Dax Shepard Shares Embarrassing Photo of Wife Kristen Bell Peeing in New Car: 'Almost Have to Respect It'

The Good Place star Kristen Bell made a very embarrassing appearance on her husband Dax Shepard's Instagram profile over the weekend. The Ranch actor shared a photo of Bell peeing in the passenger seat of a car they just bought. This could cause more permanent damage than Shepard's new haircut, which matches his daughter's hairdo.

"The most important part of this photo isn't that my bride [Bell] is peeing in the car, it's that the car is 36 hours old!!!!" Shepard wrote, alongside the awkward photo and another photo of the brand new car. "So much disrespect that I almost have to respect it." The photos picked up thousands of comments, including one from actor Justin Long who just had to make a Frozen joke. "'Let it go, let it go!!' Yet ANOTHER really impressive thing KBell does," Long, who starred with Bell in Serious Moonlight, wrote. Long featured Shepard in the first episode of his Life Is Short podcast and appeared on Shepard's Armchair Expert.

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Shepard's photo also features another look at his new hairstyle that matches one of their daughters Delta, 5, and Lincoln, 7, requested. Shepard shared a video of himself shaving his hair, with Sara Bareilles' "Armor" playing in the background. "I love this man so much. He wanted to twin with our daughter," Bell wrote on Instagram.

Bell and Shepard married in 2013 and it is no surprise that they have shared another private moment with fans. During Tuesday's episode of the Say Yes! with Carla Hall podcast, Bell discussed Shepard's sobriety and revealed that their daughters play an active role. Bell explained that they have developed a taste for O'Douls, a beer with "less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume," according to the company that makes it. "The reason for this is because when we first had our child and my husband would put her in the Babybjörn and we'd walk around the neighborhood, he'd pop a nonalcoholic beer in his hand and the baby would paw at it and put the rim in her mouth," Bell said. "It's a sentimental thing for my girls, right? It makes them feel close to their dad."


Bell said the couple talks to their girls about the importance of Shepard staying sober and why he cannot drink. However, their taste for O'Douls created a scene other parents might not understand. The girls were drinking it while on their Zoom school classes! "If anything, it opens up the discussion for why Daddy has to drink nonalcoholic beer because some people lose their privileges with drinking," she said. "Drinking's not always safe."