David Spade Shades Miley Cyrus Over Recent Relationship Switch-Ups

David Spade leveled a harsh joke against Miley Cyrus on a new episode of his show, Lights Out. The comedian mocked Cyrus' recent rapid-fire relationship shakeups while commenting on her vocal cord surgery. Fans were split over the explicit humor.

Spade hosts a talk show called Lights Out with David Spade on weeknights on Comedy Central these days, and he gets away with a lot of raunchy jokes. This one may find its way out of the late night TV bubble, however, as it concerns one of America's favorite pop stars.

In just a couple of months, Cyrus went from a marriage to Liam Hemsworth to a relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, and then on to a new relationship with Cody Simpson. Spade worked in a quick but brutal punchline on this in his opening monologue, as he went through the headlines of the week — including Cyrus' surgery.

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"Miley Cyrus got surgery on her vocal cords. Before the surgery, the doctor asked if she'd made any changes to her diet lately, and she said, 'it's a long story.'"

The crowd gave a hearty laugh at this joke, making at least a little more noise than they did for his other opening bits. Spade looked to the panel of other comedians waiting on the stage behind him for a reaction, and Rob Schneider mocked his shaky monologue.

"Sex jokes!" he shouted in an exaggerated gruff voice. "Always a winner!"

Spade's other guests were Matteo Lane and Esther Povitsky. Lane chuckled at the Cyrus punchline while Povitsky put on a show of puzzled surprise.

Fans seemed to feel the same, judging by the reaciton online. Spade posted a screenshot of his Cyrus joke to Instagram on Saturday, with mixed results. Some commenters thought that he had missed the mark, or else gone to far with this one. They wondered why he picked this line out to showcase on social media.

"I don't get it," one person commented.

"Flat. Didn't get it but I still am Davidfatuated!" added another.

Spade shared the screen shot on Twitter as well, with an even more explicit caption. The responses were about the same mix of laughter, confusion and eye-rolling.


So far, Cyrus has not issued a response to the joke. The singer has been offline since the beginning of the month, before she got her vocal cord surgery. According to a report by PEOPLE, she was informed she would need the surgery last month when she was treated for tonsillitis and planned accordingly.

"The surgery went well and she is resting up at home now," a source close to her told the outlet. Cyrus will reportedly need to go weeks without talking in order to recover.