David Otunga, Not Jennifer Hudson, Gets Son David Jr. for Thanksgiving

Jennifer Hudson has had a hard time ending her ten year engagement to WWE star David Otunga. The two have really been having it out when it comes to their son, David Jr., who both of them want full custody of. New court documents show that Hudson has given her express written permission to let David Jr. spend Thanksgiving with his father.

According to the terms of the protective order Hudson filed against Otunga last week, Otunga is forbidden from being alone with David Jr. unless Hudson gives her consent in writing. However, after the claims Hudson was making about Otunga in court last week, no one expected she would actually do so.

Hudson has granted permission for David Jr. to be with his father starting at 3PM on Thanksgiving day, until 7PM on Friday.

The former couple has another court date on Monday, November 27th. On the heels of this Thanksgiving victory, Otunga will reportedly ask the judge for temporary custody of David Jr., as he believes he is the primary caregiver. He'll also ask the court to lift the order of protection Hudson has taken against him, and he'll ask for possession of their residence, at least while Hudson is traveling for work from the end of November into early December.

Hudson got the order of protection last week, claiming that Otunga was an imminent threat to her and David Jr. The police were called to enforce the order, escorting Otunga out of their Chicago-area home.

Hudson has numerous complaints against Otunga that make this Thanksgiving arrangement surprising. Last week she told the judge that Otunga had checked their son out of school in the middle of the day without informing her. She feared that he would kidnap David Jr. and flee the state or go into hiding.

Hudson also testified that Otunga had instructed David Jr. to discretely take videos and send them to him whenever he was alone with his mom, so that Otunga could eavesdrop and know where they were at all times. In addition, she said that David Jr. was reduced to tears on a recent night in the studio, for fear of what his father would do to him simply for being there.