Danielle 'Bhad Bhabie' Bregoli Is 'Tired' of People Thinking She Does 'Nothing'

In a new interview, Danielle "Bhad Bhabie" Bregoli says that she is "tired of people thinking" she does "nothing."

The young rapper spoke with Billboard about a number of topics, including her new Snapchat reality series Bringing Up Bhabie, her hip-hop career, and her new $900,000 endorsement deal with Copy Cat Beauty.

"I'm just really tired of people thinking that I don't do nothing," she told the outlet of how she feels about critics treating her as if she does nothing. "People think my team does everything for me, and it's really not like that."

"Think they hot s—, It's actually really annoying. My mom be thinkin' s—s about her," she said of her team — which includes her mother Barb and manager Adam Kluger — then adding that she also feels it's "important that people see what managers are used for."

Someone who can most appropriately address Bregoli's progress is her movement coach Deja Riley, who first met the teen through Atlantic Records. "Dani barely said a word during [our first] meeting," Riley said. "She was staring at me, scoping me out while licking an ice cream cone and munching on a bag of chips."

"[Dani] could barely walk on beat," Riley went on to say of Bregoli's dance skills, then adding that for being 15 years old, however, "Her work ethic and drive exceed most artists in the industry that are twice her age."

Riley — who's previously worked with stars such as Beyonce and Shakira — also spoke about Bregoli on a personal level, saying "Dani really has such a big heart. Behind all of the wild lyrics and tough chick persona, she loves hard. The general public hasn't gotten a chance to get a glimpse into her fun-loving, softer side."

As for why a reality series about her life was even necessary in the first place, Bregoli added that it's "because me and everyone around me are just funny all the time."


"All the stupid s— that people be saying, because it's really what they believe 'cause it's really all they've seen," she continued, "hopefully this changes their opinion [of me]."

Fans can catch episodes of Bringing Up Bhabie here.