'Dancing With the Stars': Witney Carson Will Guest Star With Partner Kel Mitchell on 'All That' Revival

They're taking their talents from the ballroom dance floor to the All That studio set! Kel Mitchell invited his Dancing with the Stars pro partner Witney Carson to the set of the popular Nickelodeon comedy series. The two teamed up for Season 28 of DWTS and now they're paired up again for a "Good Burger" revival sketch set to air in 2020.

"This is going to be cool," Mitchell told Entertainment Tonight. "The fans wanted a 'Good Burger' dance [on DWTS], and now they're going to get it! It's 'Good Burger' and Dancing!"

"So many fans wanted us to do a 'Good Burger' dance routine but it just never fit during the season," Carson added. "We had talked about this for a long time, but we have kept it a secret for, I would say, months."

While Mitchell was in an unfamiliar place when learning to dance, ballroom style, now Carson will be put on the spot as she gets ready for her lines in front of the camera. Mitchell will get back into his famous character of Ed, whose famous line was, "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"

"Before I even asked anybody, I was like, 'Hey, Witney, you wanna do a sketch on All That?' She was like, 'WHAT? Of course!'" the actor explained. "So then I was like, 'We need to have Witney on here.' I talked to the other producers and they were like, 'OK, which [sketch] should we have her do?' They wrote me back and said the writers decided we should do 'Good Burger', which is pretty cool."

Mitchell, along with former co-star Kenan Thompson are both executive producers of the popular show they were both the faces of.

"I told Kel, 'If I have a skit with you, I'm just playing myself... don't make me play a character,'" Carson confessed. "I haven't really acted before, so I was like, 'I'll do it if I can play myself.' Kel told me to have fun and just go for it; don't be afraid and just feed off the audience."

While she may feel a little uncomfortable acting, according to her new pal, she did an absolutely fantastic job when shooting her scenes.

"She's been doing great with the acting. It's cool seeing her eyes light up," Mitchell revealed. "She used to watch the show when she was a kid, so it's pretty cool seeing her on the set, asking questions. It's literally like how I was on the first day of Dancing With the Stars. I was like, 'OK, so this is where we dance, that's where the judges are.' Now it's like, 'This is Good Burger, this is where the burgers are... are these real fries?' It's totally flipped now!"

While "nerve-wracking" Carson is having a ball with it.


"I never really get nervous for dancing or anything, but this is so different from what I usually do," she said. "Now I'm in Kel's world and I'm super honored to be on All That. It's such an iconic show."

Carson is currently taking a break from dancing — minus what she did on the show — while she gears up to hit the road with Dancing With the Stars Live! in January. She revealed to PopCulture.com exclusively that she'll be starting up for that here soon and recapped on what it was like working with Mitchell on the dance competition.