Coco Responds to Accusations That Ice-T Is a Distant Parent

Coco Austin is speaking out against those accusing husband Ice-T of being a distant parent to their 2-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole.

Following criticism from some social media users taking aim at a recent photo Austin posted of the family enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas, Austin, 38, is assuring fans that Ice-T is an amazing father in a new Instagram post.

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(Photo: Instagram / @coco)

Taking to Instagram to confront the rumors head on and dispel them, the 38-year-old shared an image of the family on a private jet, Chanel snuggling up to Austin while Ice-T sits directly beside them reading a magazine.

"People always ask me where is Ice in my pics…Believe me, he usually is not far from me …We're a tight family," she captioned the image.

Criticism of Ice-T's relationship with his daughter first arose in March, when the family took a trip to the Bahamas, which Austin candidly documented for all her followers to see.

The snaps showed the trio posing on an ornate golden throne at a resort, as well as standing by an aquarium. However, in each photo, Austin holds her daughter, a fact users jumped at as a perceived way to criticize Ice-T's relationship with Chanel, suggesting that the fact that he was not holding the toddler in any of the pictures meant that his relationship with her was distant.

"A lot of pics she is always with Coco does he not hold Chanel or am I trippin'????" one person wrote in the comments section of the images, a sentiment that was shared by many.


Despite the concern, Austin even once before explained why there are a lack of photos on social media of Ice-T holding his daughter.

"Ice is not fond of taking photos so that's why there are less photos of them together," she wrote on Instagram.