Cindy Crawford's Son Presley Gerber Debuts Face Tattoo, and Social Media Has Thoughts

Cindy Crawford's song Presley Gerber made some heads turn after sharing his new face tattoo on social media. The model dropped a look at the new tattoo and the process of getting it, with the finished product saying "MISUNDERSTOOD" on his right cheek.

Gerber wrote "thanks homie," in the caption of the photo and video he shared to Instagram, while the artist also captioned his own post with an apology to Crawford.

The choice of tattoo left many commenters and fans scratching their heads. Some compared his look to a prison inmate, while others just questioned the meaning behind the tattoo.

"Are you really that misunderstood? Having all the money at your disposal is never a good thing in life. You must be so bored. Hope you do something good in the future with it," one critic added.

"Are face tats becoming an “in” thing? Sweet Jesus. The only thing misunderstood is that tattoo. You just ruined your canvas," another wrote, citing Gerber's career as a model.

"Really? Misunderstood? It’s not the placement that weirds me out, it’s the text. What you trynna be, Leto’s Joker?" a third noted, making a comparison to Leto's role in Suicide Squad.

Some were also quick to assume that Crawford would be furious at the tattoo, trying to predict her response.

"Cindy is gonna be madddd [laugh out loud]," one fan wrote.

"This seems very Amanda Bynes mental breakdown. Where is your mom????? Terrible idea," another wrote.

"Not to THAT face tho," a third added, referencing his modeling career.

I know you're grown, but why? You have a modeling career and you have your mom's face. I'm just saying," a fourth wrote.

Some of the comments were humorous, even if they were a little negative. One from Perez Hilton even shouted out Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber's tequila business.

"Luckily Cindy Crawford has a lot of access to tequila," Hilton wrote.

"Those hands are so horrible, you look just like any jail prisoner," another critic added.

Gerber made headlines this past summer after pleading no contest to charges of driving while intoxicated. The young model received three years probation and was ordered to complete a DUI program on top of community service hours.


"He has no criminal record and has never been arrested," a statement released at the time of his arrest read. "Presley Gerber takes this very seriously and is taking the steps necessary to address the allegations."

Gerber also joined the public spotlight after helping his mother recreate her iconic Pepsi commercial from 1992 during the 2018 Super Bowl.