Chrissy Teigen Slams 'Weird A—' Twitter User for Speculating About Taylor Swift Having Children

Chrissy Teigen is at it again! Calling out any "Weird a—" that dares to creep via social media, and after one user in particular made a comment about Taylor Swift's eggs, she called them right out. Stefan Molyneux shared a few thoughts with his followers on Twitter regarding Swift being 30 years old and how she should probably speed up the process of having kids due to "90 percent" of her eggs already being gone, hitting "97 percent" by the time she's 40 years old. The mom of two found this to be super weird so she aired her thoughts with followers and Molyneux.

This isn't the first time Teigen has called someone out publicly — and quite frankly, it probably won't be her last! But this is why fans love her so. Recently, she shared a photo to Instagram that captured a moment with she and her daughter Luna, however, some fans could only notice her outfit. One person called her out saying, "Jesus cover up your daughter is right there." But leave it up to Teigen to call the internet trolls out.

"She sucked it for months and doesn't mind it much," she replied. The photo shows Teigen and Luna sitting on the stairs and captured her photo, "On set with my stylist," however, the celebs top was a little revealing and that's why some followers felt the need to call her out.

Another time, one follower called her "chubby" and to no surprise, she had a quick reply.

"I hate to say this are not a small person? also I don't care about my weight sooooo this does not hurt," the Lip Sync Battle host said.

Teigen is known for taking on the trolls and because of this, she's even had a few apologize to her. One follower insulted her by claiming she has "absolutely no discernible talent," and she responded by saying, "Ur a b—."


That person in particular reached back out after Teigen replied to them saying, "You're right. I shouldn't have said that. I just tweeted it out of frustration while watching the show. Sometimes we (I) forget there are real people with real feelings on the other side of the screen."

The 34-year-old replied with, "I see this and appreciate what you've said. I'm not a comedian but I love comedy, as many people do. My role as a judge is to get to be a voice of the people — people who enjoy comedy and enjoy learning from the experts surrounding me."