Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Pose With Soldiers Ahead of Inauguration

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are in Washington D.C., preparing for Joe Biden's Inauguration. On Instagram, Teigen shared several photos from their journey to the nation's capital, including ones in which she and her husband can be seen posing with soldiers. The couple is in Washington D.C. in preparation for Legend's performance during the Inauguration Day festivities.

On Tuesday, Teigen shared that she and Legend got "lost" on their way to the soundcheck for his upcoming performance. But, they ended up getting to take part in a special moment with the U.S. Armed Forces members. Teigen posted three different photos that showcased the lovely couple posing with soldiers, as she captioned the post with, "we got lost on the way to soundcheck but stumbled across these literal fucking heroes!!" The Cravings author subsequently posted several videos on her Twitter account on Tuesday night from their soundcheck. Although, she did clarify in a later tweet that she was meant to keep Legend's performance a "secret" until the big day.

Teigen posted a couple of videos that appear to depict Legend's performance, which involves what seems to be the armed forces' marching band. She was so excited about the upcoming performance that she captioned one video with, "John! I'm going to cry." In a subsequent tweet, she told her fans, "LMAO apparently that was all supposed to be a secret and i got scolded so act surprised tomorrow I’m crying." Legend isn't the only individual who will be performing during the course of Inauguration Day. Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Garth Brooks are all due to take part in the major event.

Teigen previously told her followers that she and her family were busy packing up their belongings in advance of their trip to Washington D.C. However, it wasn't long before one user criticized her for traveling to the city amidst the pandemic and the growing state of unrest in the capital. They messaged Teigen, "Hey Chrissy DC residents aren’t very “happy” right now and can’t even “happy pack” their cars to drive to the grocery store because of the military state the city is in but yeah LOL come on down especially in a pandemic. How happy!!!" In turn, Teigen responded, "this is not my fault but I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I just like to share what we are up to and whatnot."