Chrissy Teigen Honors Late Son Jack With Poignant Tattoo in New Photo

Chrissy Teigen has paid tribute to her late son Jack in an incredibly beautiful way. On Twitter, the Cravings author posted a photo of herself holding the hand of one of her two children, Luna or Miles. Her right forearm can be seen in the picture, which contains a tattoo that reads "John, Luna, Miles" in gorgeous cursive. As seen in the most recent photo, she recently got a special addition to that tattoo, as she now has one that reads "Jack" across her wrist, as well.

In the snap, Teigen holds one of her kids' hands to showcase her new ink on her right wrist. Her new ink features the name "Jack" in dainty cursive written right across her wrist. As fans are likely aware, Jack was the name that Teigen and her husband, John Legend, were planning on naming their third child. However, in early October, she suffered a pregnancy loss, which she chronicled on social media.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Teigen revealed that she and Legend were mourning the loss of their third child one month after announcing that they were expecting. Her post came alongside a series of photos of her stay in the hospital, including one in which she and Legend can be seen cuddling their late son. In her caption, she noted that they hadn't settled on names with Luna and Miles until after they were born. But, with her most recent pregnancy, she and Legend had begun to call their son "Jack." She wrote, "for some reason, we had started to call this little guy in my belly Jack. So he will always be Jack to us. Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever."

About a month after she revealed this news, Teigen penned an emotional essay for Medium in which she opened up about the tragic situation. "I had no idea when I would be ready to write this," she began her essay. "Part of me thought it would be early on, when I was still really feeling the pain of what happened. I thought I would sit in the corner of my bedroom with the lights dimmed, just rolling off my thoughts. I'd have a glass of red wine, cozy up with a blanket, and finally get the chance to address 'what happened.'"

She continued, "Instead, I'm writing from the downstairs couch, still cozied up in a blanket but buzzing from a morning of friends and fried chicken. I'm reading off countless notes from my phone — thoughts that have randomly popped up in the weeks since. I didn't really know how I would start this, no matter the room or state I was in, but it feels right to begin with a thank you. For weeks, our floors have been covered in flowers of kindness. Notes have flooded in and have each been read with our own teary eyes. Social media messages from strangers have consumed my days, most starting with, 'you probably won't read this, but...' I can assure you, I did."