Chrissy Teigen Reveals Insomnia, Anxiety Over Coronavirus Quarantine in Early Morning 'Ramen' Confessional

The radically different circumstances caused by coronavirus have affected everyone differently. For Chrissy Teigen, it means insomnia, podcasts and snacks from the kitchen. The supermodel posted an Instagram story during the early morning hours Friday where she documented the whole ordeal.

"I have not slept yet, it's 5:21 in the morning and I am eating ramen alone in the kitchen downstairs," Teigen said in the clip, via The Daily Mail. She also confessed on Twitter around that time that she's been listening to a lot of true crime podcasts, but added that "none of my favorite murder podcasts are updating and I can't sleep without their terror. I don't really like murder podcast commentary shows. I like just hearing the story end the calls."

"You can tell me your favorite but I promise I've tried it and I just don't like the silly giggling," she added, pre-empting the podcast suggestions. The supermodel also offered up some of her own.

Teigen has been frequently outspoken about coronavirus, and specifically how President Donald Trump and his administration have handled the ongoing global pandemic. Most recently, on April 2, she blasted the president for boasting -- incorrectly -- about his Twitter followers vs. those of his predecessor, Barack Obama with a very NSFW message.

Back in March, she also responded to Trump's remarks about his test to see if he had COVID-19, which he described as "unpleasant." In an equally NSFW rant, Teigen compared it to her particularly unpleasant childbirth. "So yeah. the swab, I bet it's super rough."


Teigen has, however, come under fire as well. Prior to her childbirth remarks directed at the president, she was tweeting about her love for a specific food delivery app, Goldbelly, which she called "the way to go right now" amid the social distancing. While it was a passing remark, several people on social media thought the comments came off as a little tone-deaf, given the circumstances.

Outside of her kitchen, you can see Teigen in her new Quibi series, Chrissy's Court. The show, which plays like a bite-sized version of People's Court, has her presiding over low-stakes court cases. Her mother also acts as the bailiff.