How Chrissy Teigen Celebrated Getting Her Breast Implants Removed

Now that Chrissy Teigen has had her breast implants removed, she's officially in the mood to celebrate. On Tuesday, the TV host showed off a photo of a cake that prominently featured to large black orbs with a headstone that read 'RIP 2006-2020' on her Instagram story, according to Hollywood Life.

Teigen had previously spoken about how she regretted having breast implants in the first place. She also posted photos of the notes she got from her kids, who were also bidding farewell to her surgical enhancements. "Surgery went perfectly! So so so so so sore but waking up to this made it go away for half a minute at least," Teigen wrote in the caption.

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The Chrissy's Court star first made the announcement back in May, while posting a nude photo with her breasts censored by white heart emojis. In the caption, Teigen wrote how she would be getting surgery "soon," and admitted that many people were "understandably curious (and nosey!)." Hence, she put rumors to rest by declaring, "I'm getting my boobs out!" She also admitted that her implants had been "great" to her for many years, but said she was "just over it."

"I'd like to be able to zip a dress in my size, lay on my belly with pure comfort!" Teigen added. "No biggie! So don't worry about me! All good. I'll still have boobs, they'll just be pure fat. Which is all a tit is in the first place. A dumb, miraculous bag of fat."

Teigen has previously spoken about how her implants had played a role in her choice to be a mother to 4-year-old daughter Luna and 2-year-old son Miles with husband John Legend. "I think you're supposed to replace [implants] every 10 years," she told Glamour U.K. back in April. "But when you have kids you think about [the risks] of surgery, and I think, 'This is not the way I want to die, in boob surgery.'"


Although Teigen's recent surgery didn't come without some mild conflict. On May 26, she posted a video to Twitter of her having a coronavirus test performed (a procedure she loved, by the way), which led some to wonder how she was able to obtain one. Ever the vigilant tweeter, she pointed out that testing was free to anyone who lived in Los Angeles county.