Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at Troll After Risque Photo With Daughter Luna

Chrissy Teigen always has a quick response for trolls, so it is a wonder why any of them try any longer. One of them took another shot after Teigen posted a risque photo co-starring 3-year-old daughter Luna. On Saturday, Teigen shared a photo of Luna playing with her hair, but everyone was focused on Teigen's wide-open and revealing outfit.

"On set with my stylist," Teigen wrote alongside the photo.

"Jesus cover up your daughter is right there," one fan commented, whose words received more than 2,000 replies itself, including one from Teigen herself. "She sucked it for months and doesn't mind it much," she replied.

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"Do you ever wear underwear?" another asked.

"U cold up there?" Teigen jokingly replied.

Other fans loved the peak and Teigen's home life. Some also defended Teigen's right to wear whatever she wants to with her daughter present.

"Why is it so wrong to show HER daughter to be comfortable with herself? Why can’t she raise HER children the way she wants to?" one fan asked.

"Beautiful photo. Don't listen to the negative comments," another wrote.

"Jesus... why should a women or parent cover their bodies like their ashamed. It’s only boobs," one person wrote in response to one of Teigen's detractors. "Children should learn their bodies aren’t shameful best way is for their parents to not be ashamed of theirs. Lighten up man it’s 2019."

Another fan even brought up "All of Me," the song Teigen's husband John Legend wrote for her.

"Why are people, even still women, continuing to be such Puritans when it comes to a healthy, womanly body?" the fan wrote. "Especially when, like [Teigen] says that those breasts on such tasteful display nourished her child for so long? If a child grows up afraid of seeing her own mother's body, how is she ever going to accept her own growing body and 'all it's curves and imperfections' (John Legend)...?"

Teigen later took to Twitter to share her astonishment at the complaints for the photo. "Imagine thinking my 3 year old is offended by a boob she sucked on for months. F—ing weirdos!" she tweeted.


Teigen, 34, and Legend have been married since 2013 and are parents to Luna and son Miles, who was born in May 2018. The supermodel is a judge on NBC's Bring the Funny and is slated to star in Chrissy's Court, a Quibi series co-starring her mother, Vilaliuck "Pepper Thai" Teigen.

Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Baby2Baby