Chrissy Teigen's 'Addiction' to Unusual Bedtime Snack Is So Her

In addition to modeling, her adorable family and her hilarious tweets, Chrissy Teigen is also famous for her love of food, having authored two cookbooks and recently inking a food-content deal with Hulu.

In a recent tweet, the mom of two let her followers in on one of her latest food obsessions, sharing that she's become a fan of sandwiches before bed.

"I got a mean sandwich addiction lately," she revealed. "I can be totally full but can't sleep without my pre bed sandwich."

A second tweet saw Teigen accuse her husband, John Legend, of enabling the snacking habit.

"This morning I told john do not, under any circumstance, make me a bedtime sandwich, no matter how hard I ask," she wrote. "I asked him for one tonight and he made it. While it WAS delicious, should I be mad??"

While speaking to PEOPLE, Teigen further expounded on her love of late-night sandwiches and explained how her husband prepares her new favorite snack.

"It's a ham and cheese — Velveeta singles with ham and mayonnaise," she shared. "Butter is crucial, on both sides of the bread, just to bring it all together."

"He slices it diagonally and puts it next to the bed," the Cravings author added. "I eat half of it before I fall asleep and then I wake up three hours later, maybe around 3:00 A.M. and I eat the other half. It's just become a thing and I cannot stop."

Teigen explained that she's been working on testing out recipes for her forthcoming website, which is part of the reason she developed her sandwich habit.

"I make all these dinners and I have been cooking so much that I actually don't love eating my finished product, just because I've been tasting it all day and serving it to people all day, that at the end of the day, I'm just, like 'I want a sandwich,'" she said.

"I've almost reverted back into eating the way I was when I was pregnant — but I'm not pregnant," she added. "I don't know if it's the state of the world right now, or the weather in LA is a little shotty, but I'm demanding comfort foods."

Teigen's website is tentatively scheduled to launch next month and will include new recipes and videos as well as appearances by her mom, Vilailuck.

"I understand where the words 'labor of love' come from now, because it's for the people, it's for the fans," Teigen said. "I want people to really love it, love every new recipe that's on there. We've been working every day in my kitchen, perfecting and taking incredible pictures."


Photo Credit: Getty / Gilbert Carrasquillo