Chris Evans: Peek Inside His $3.5M Abandoned Los Angeles Mansion

Chris Evans is a megastar with an estate fit for one. The Avengers and Knives Out star has a $3.5 million mansion in California has some jaw-dropping views, and fans can now take a peek inside. The home sits within high walls for privacy that requires passage through a gate before anyone can enter. As shown in the below video, the house contains a gourmet kitchen two master bedrooms and a staff room, all of which overlook a gorgeous view of the Hollywood area, which Evans has apparently ditched amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Stacked on the side of a hill, the floor-to-ceiling windows that open the house up to fresh air and stunning views allow for a beach-style feel. His home is dressed up with a heated pool, spa, fire pit and two fireplaces. He not only purchased this home, but a $1.26 house in the Hollywood Hills, on top of the apartment in Boston that he enjoys staying at.

While this is a stunning home, it appears as though the Captain America actor abandoned it. Instead, he's been quarantining in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. In April, he admitted that he enjoys spending time at home and actually prefers it, but chose to do so in the East Coast city.

"I am someone who prefers to be at home, so I do not feel the urge to go outside every day. The vast majority of my free time now goes to reading books and to Dodger," he told Antwerp-based online publication, Het Laatste Nieuws, in April. He purchased his 4,600 square-foot California home in 2013. The Laurel Canyon home was built in 1940 and underwent several renovations by Stewart-Gulrajani Designs before the actor purchased the pricey home according to

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(Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Evans has a long-running career, best known for comic-book-based flicks like Fantastic Four, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and, of course, his multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Recently, there were rumors that Evans was going to reprise his role as Captain America; however, he tweeted it's "news to me." Regardless, fans are gushing over the fact that he and singer Ariana Grande may share the big screen together in a new Netflix film. Grande and Evans would be just two A-list celebrities on a long list of others in Adam McKay's upcoming Netflix film Don't Look Up.

They would be sharing the screen with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Himesh Patel, Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Matthew Perry and Tomer Sisley. The film follows "two low-level astronomers who embark on a media tour to warn mankind of an approaching asteroid that will destroy Earth."