Chris Evans and Sarah Paulson Twin in 'Knives Out' and 'Run' Sweater Meme

Chris Evans' iconic character of Captain America has brought years of attention to the talented actor — however, after his roll in Knives Out, the 39-year-old became the number one meme. During the comedy thriller, Evans sports a cream-colored sweatshirt, and to many fans' surprise, he rocked it really well. Now, he's resurfaced in another meme and fans are voting on who wore it better.

The new meme shows Evans and Run star Sarah Paulson also in a very similar sweater. The actress posted the image to her Instagram and asked fans who wore it better. She then sided with Evans in the caption before fans could even have a chance to respond. "Who wore it best? (Don't answer that, even I think it's him.) #RunFilm."

One fan wrote, "I'm not being biased but i think you wore it best," while someone else agreed saying, "SARAH OBVIOUSLY." Another one of Paulson's fans commented om how her wig made the outfit, writing, "YOUR WIG REALLY MAKES THE SWEATER 'POP.'" While several others agreed she wore it better, others voted that both wore it best.

Evans recently made headlines when the fairly new Instagram user accidentally leaked a nude photo that was stored on his camera roll. The actor shared a screenshot of his photo library showing off thumbnails of his recently saved photos. Among the pictures was a meme with his own photo, reading "Guard that p—" and one picture that appeared to show male genitalia. The post was quickly deleted, but screenshots surfaced on social media.


Several then created their own speculation with some calling it fake, others questioning if it was Evans' private parts or his brother's, Scott Evans, who has had nude photos leak before. The post from Evans came just days after he shared another photo to Instagram that had fans talking as well, but with less nudity. He showed a photo of himself in bed with his dog and revealed a chest tattoo that fans have speculated about in the past.

However, just days after his NSFW photo was plastered all over the internet, he then took so social media once again and said, "Now that I have your attention," and began to encourage fans to go out and vote, as it was ahead of the presidential election. Fans everywhere thought it was a tasteful way to recover from the rather embarrassing spill.