Chelsea Handler Reveals Underwear Selfie, Says What She’d Do To Angelina Jolie

While she may be known as a Netflix talk show host, Chelsea Handler has also been posting some racy photos on Snapchat as of late.

(Photo: Snapchat / chelseahandler)

Her latest upload to her Snapchat story is no different. The Chelsea host posted the above photo to start the day. She captioned it "I'm up."

Handler is seen standing in her walk-in closet wearing a black sports bra and flesh-tone underwear.

This is far from the first time she's posted this kind of pic. Back in April, she posted a similar early morning photo.

But that wasn't the only headline-worthy thing the 42-year-old comedian did this week. She also commented on what would happen if she could talk to Angelina Jolie.

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Handler has been a long-time critic of Jolie as she is good friends with Brad Pitt's ex Jennifer Aniston. She also notoriously called Jolie a "f---ing lunatic" when the Pitt and Jolie announced their separation.

Handler was a guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live earlier this week, and an audience member asked her what see would do if she was in an elevator with the Maleficent star.

"I would, I would just look up! Exactly what people do in elevators," she said humorously. "You know when you fake look at the number because you don't want to make eye contact? That would be exactly the elevator ride."

"And then I'd go, 'Hey...' as I walked out. 'Hey you.'"

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In other Handler news, she's recently gotten in a spat or two with the Trump Family all because of some mean-spirited tweets.

As for Brangelina, Pitt is rumored to be shopping a diary around that he wrote during the period directly after their separation. Jolie is allegedly not pleased with the book and thinks it will stir up trouble for their children.


[h/t Daily Mail]