Chelsea Handler Bares All While Lying on a Ping Pong Table

Comedian Chelsea Handler is once again baring all for her online book club. The talk show host posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday where she was, once again, nude, though she was on a ping pong table when she delivered her latest round of reading recommendations.

"Do you like to have fun with literature and ping pong? Do you want to educate yourself in the hot summer sun? Here is what I'm adding to my brain this month," Handler wrote. "Read with me." She also included her latest reading list, which was George Orwell's Why I Write, I'll Be Right There by Kyung Sook Shin and Eddie S Glaude Jr.'s Begin Again.

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Handler recently used her Instagram to have some fun at Martha Stewart's expense, after Stewart had posted a selfie from her pool, which drew attention from Handle. After she posted her send-up of Stewart's, photo, Stewart herself took notice. "Dear Chelsea, I'm so happy that you like my post well enough to emulate it," Stewart commented. "I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours and that my facial expression is a little bit more relaxed. Nevertheless, you are a beautiful girl and F—ING too young to be emulating me. Continue with your comedy, your humor, and your amazing ability to gather around you political liberals. We need it! Love Martha."

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Stewart insisted there was no bad blood between the two, and was taking up Handler's "challenge to smoke a joint" with her. "I told her I haven't smoked a joint since the 1960s. So for me to smoke a joint is a really big deal. We haven't done it yet ... it has to be together, sometime in the future."

Prior to her interaction with Stewart, Handler has routinely used Instagram to encourage her followers to wear their face masks. Although in a post back in July, Handler wasn't just wearing a mask over her face, instead, she pranced around with one mask on her face and two others tied around her breasts as a cover-up in a hilarious clip. "Everybody needs to find a mask and put it on because I'd like to have fun again, okay? People want their kids to go back to school, and we're abusing our healthcare workers," Handler wrote. "Please find a mask and put it on any part of your body."