'Charlie's Angels' Star Cheryl Ladd Felt More Pressure From Hollywood 10 Years Ago, Than She Does Now (Exclusive)

Actress Cheryl Ladd has become an icon since first filling the role of Kris Munroe on the popular television series turned film franchise, Charlie's Angels. It's a character that not only inspired women across the world, but one that Ladd is incredibly grateful for with its lesson in never limiting one's potential. But with her rise to fame, came a spotlight, which has been nothing short of intimidating — especially as an aging adult. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com, Ladd admits she has embraced her age now and actually felt more pressure from the public "10 years ago" than she does now as a 68-year-old woman.

"I would say that I felt more pressure 10 years ago than I feel now," Ladd said confidently. "Now, I'm getting very interesting parts of mature women, and again, I live in an age where there are beautiful parts written for women of age. We're not just disregarded anymore."

She went on to explain how there are women in their 80s that are working — like, Jane Fonda, who is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood at 82 years old.

"So it's a very different world than it was 50 years ago," Ladd said. "I love all my little crinkles around my eyes. I love the character in my face. I don't want to lose all of that. I'd like to stay as fresh as I can, but at the same time, I like doing these parts. I've played all the young women parts. Now, I want to play mature women parts because they're writing some darn good ones now."

While she's representing more mature roles these days, women from all over have thanked Ladd for playing her role on Charlie's Angels because it inspired them. She shared a sweet story of a woman who came up to her and thanked her because the fan wouldn't have her job in the police force if it weren't for Ladd she says.

"I can't tell you how many women that are in their forties and early fifties have these amazing jobs that would have been unheard of in the 70s," she said before adding, "That makes me feel really good, that it did inspire a lot of young women to stretch themselves and go after something that they really wanted to do."

But with age, are symptoms and changes Ladd says she isn't ready for. During her 40s, she started developing vision problems, which eventually turned into cataracts years later. She thought she would have several more years before that came to be, if it became a thing for her, but she says with a recent surgery, she has the eyesight of a 12-year-old again.

"I just truly feel so blessed that when it came time for me to get my cataracts and have them worked on, that I had the opportunity to get the PanOptix trifocal lense. This lens has given me eyesight of a 12-year-old!"

"I mean, it's just astonishing," Ladd continued. "When I first got the very first lens and I opened my eyes, it was like walking into Oz. Everything as technicolor. I could see all the colors again! Everything was bright and so exciting."

Because Ladd has experienced more through aging than younger generations, she's encouraging many to keep on top of their health and enjoy life, but hopes those younger than her will take care of themselves so they can hopefully bypass some of the not-so-fun parts of aging.


Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty.