Charlie Sheen Pleads for Safe Return of Friend's Daughter Who Was Allegedly Kidnapped

Charlie Sheen grabbed his followers' attention today with a tweet boosting the search for his friend's missing daughter, who is believed to have been kidnapped.

The eccentric actor made liberal use of line breaks as he pleaded for information on the whereabouts of "Barbie," the daughter of an unnamed friend. Attached was a screenshot from an Instagram post — presumably his friend, seeking the same missing girl.

"If you have any info, please call The Normal Police Dept," Sheen wrote, though he probably meant the "Norman Police Department," as his friend wrote on Instagram.

Sheen's friend is on Instagram under the name Paul Smenus, though he offers no other personal details online. He's posted pictures of his daughter periodically over the last month, using the hashtag "kidnapped."

Only in the most recent post did he outright request his friends and followers contact the police with information aboout his missing child.


Though Sheen's tweet described this as an "Amber Alert situation," it's unclear whether a real Amber Alert has been issued and whether Smenus's daughter is considered a missing person.

Sheen and his friend have posted little information other than phone numbers for the appropriate police departments.