Channing Tatum Reportedly 'Very Happy' for Ex-Wife Jenna Dewan Following Engagement to Steve Kazee

Jenna Dewan is officially engaged to Steve Kazee just weeks before she's expected to give birth to their first child together, and her ex-husband Channing Tatum is reportedly "very happy" for her, per a source via E! News. While the Magic Mike actor has yet to publicly announced anything himself, a source alleged that "Channing has expressed that he is happy Jenna is in a good place and has moved on."

Despite the fact that they have both moved on in other relationships, they will always be in each other's lives since they share their 6-year-old daughter Everly together.

"Jenna has a special place in [Channing's] heart since she is the mother of their child, but they have both moved on and are happy in their new relationship," the insider added. "Channing's main priority and concern is his daughter, and him and Jenna are both happy to have worked out a co-parenting agreement."

There for a while, things seemed to be rough between the exes as it appeared they couldn't get on the same page about anything regarding their daughter. It was said to have started late last year when they couldn't agree on a holiday schedule for Everly on which parent she would be with during what time. The couple, via various sources, was said to be having some communication issues as well, but early this year, the two have finally reached a custody agreement. They included restrictions on how their daughter would be presented on social media since they rarely share photos of her and when they do, they don't show clear images of her actual face.

The new agreement gives Tatum and Dewan a 50/50 custody split, according to legal documents obtained by The Blast. They'll also work with a counselor to create a schedule to split holidays and custody time fairly in hopes of not repeating the confusion that happened last year.

A separate source also told E! that no matter what, they will continue to do family things together and try and keep the routine the same so it's not as much of a stress on Everly.

"They will be doing all kinds of family things together," the insider revealed. "They want to keep her routine the same... Nothing is going to change in her life and she has two parents who will be very involved in everything she does."


Photo credit: Greg Doherty.