Channing Tatum Puts His 'Magic Mike' Dance Moves on Full Display in New Video

Channing Tatum is on the cusp of a career resurgence, and the Magic Mike star reminded his Instagram followers of the moves that made him a household name In the first place. The actor shared a video of himself dancing on his Instagram stories, explaining that he was getting back into it after taking some time away.

"So here we go, weekend one of exploring and getting back in the saddle," Tatum captioned the first clip. "I haven't danced in years. And dance has moved on so much since then. I decided to document the exploration so I could see it. As well and some people just thing [sic] you can dance or you can't."

"I'm here to tell you that is not true if you want to you can move and hear the music. This is gonna be slow journey but welcome," Tatum continued. "Kids hear and feel the music so well today. I've been working at different things lately. So let's go. Session one." While Tatum is a bit rusty, the Step Up star is determined to get back in the saddle. "Sloppy floor work but was tired ahah," he concluded. "I'll probably regret in the morning. F--- sake. But life always an exploration. Let's go."  

Tatum, who has recently been romantically linked to Zoe Kravitz, has been candid on Instagram about his arduous physical journey after taking some time off. "It's been a long road back. Injuries, life s—, and just insanity in general," he shared in September alongside an impressive mirror selfie. "Ha daddy is finally back boooi!! Gonna be a fun next 10 year run. To all those that have been there for me and held me down through it all. I love you. I'm gonna make ya proud. Let's goo. Also peep the purell bottle. Keep it clean out there folks. Hahaha!"

Tatum, who hasn't been in a live-action film since 2017's Kingsman: The Golden Circle, has also been teasing a major acting comeback. Citing his upcoming film DogTatum posted a selfie with a freshly shaven head after "the hardest job of my life." 

"There is nothing and i mean nothing as good as finishing the hardest job of my life. And then shaving my head and letting the character go. It's a bit of a ritual. A freeing of myself. And being free is always my highest intention. And I'm about to be sooooo freee!!! Hahahaha i have so much love in my heart for everyone that was on this journey with me."