More Than 90 Hospitalized During Chance the Rapper's Concert

Over 90 people were hospitalized and another 50 individuals were charged with underage drinking at Chance the Rapper's concert in Hartford, Connecticut on Friday night.

According to Hartford Fire Captain Raul Ortiz, a typical concert in the city will have roughly 60 people transported to the hospital for excessive alcohol or drug use, however this incident was overwhelming for the department due to the "constant cycling of transports."

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Authorities told the Miami Herald many of the underage attendees were taken to the hospital for "severe intoxication." The individuals were participating in "tailgating, partying, and excessive alcohol consumption."

The patients at the hospital were mostly teenagers, including one 19-year-old male with a blood-alcohol content level of nearly 0.5, which is eight times the legal limit for driving.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @MiamiHerald