Celebrities Still Throwing Shade at President Trump After Reversing Controversial Border Policy

Even after President Donald Trump signed an executive order reversing his family separation policy on Wednesday, many celebrities continued to fume with outrage on social media.

The president lied to the press about the "zero tolerance" policy several times in recent weeks. He characterized it as a law, though it was merely a policy enacted by his Justice Department under the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He also claimed that he could do nothing to stop the family separation because of Democratic lawmakers, though none had any known involvement in the policy, and the Republican Party holds the majority in the both legislative houses.

Finally, on Wednesday, the president responded to the outrage by signing an executive order ending the separation of detained families at the border. This was still mocked on social media, not least of all because the policy did not require an executive order to be undone.

"He couldn't. Now he could. He wouldn't. Now he would," wrote The Ranch star Jim Beaver on Twitter. "Only Congress could change it. Now he changed it. Would be nice if he could have reached these reversals without all the suffering that led up to them."

"I came to this country as an illegal immigrant @ 5 years old," wrote Nicki Minaj on Instagram. "I can't imagine the horror of being in a strange place & having my parents stripped away from me at the age of 5. This is so scary to me. Please stop this. Can you try to imagine the terror & panic these kids feel right now? Not knowing if their parents are dead or alive, if they'll ever see them again."

(Photo: Instagram @nickiminaj)

John Legend, one of the most outspoken stars against the separation policy, retweeted a message from Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee.

"We shouldn't congratulate @RealDonaldTrump on being forced to end his own cruel policy that separates children from their families," it said. "Thousands of children have suffered & will forever be scarred by the Trump Administration's inhumane separation of families."

"In London [I] Saw BBC NEWS 2day &Journalists said, 'even though trump signed executive order ( he could have signed at anytime,he initiated it) HE WONT B ABLE 2 PUT EVERY FAMILY BACK 2GETHER AGAIN,'" tweeted Cher. "BBC SAID THEY WONT B ABLE 2 FIND EVERY CHILD. HOW WILL trump LIE HIS WAY OUT OF THIS SIN."


"Today an Executive Order was signed to stop parent and child separation at the border," wrote Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough on Instagram. "Unfortunately, it doesn't help the thousands of children that have already been forcibly removed from their families. I love you all and I ask you to consider how we can be better together, and today I believe that means helping these kids get back to their parents arms."

Many others weighed in the historic event. President Trump's order still allows for the detainment of all illegal immigrants, but promises to "maintain family unity."