Carrie Underwood Shares New Selfie in Support of Puerto Rico Relief

Carrie Underwood is looking to give back, in a new Twitter post encouraging her followers to [...]

Carrie Underwood is looking to give back, in a new Twitter post encouraging her followers to support ongoing relief work in Puerto Rico.

Underwood posted an immaculate selfie on Sunday afternoon, along with a serious message. It showed her wearing a t-shirt from Underwood's colleague and friend, Ricky Martin, who has done some major work in helping the people of Puerto Rico recover from last year's Hurricane Maria and this year's catastrophic storm season. She included a link to Martin's Charity Stars website, where fans can purchase the same shirt, all of the proceeds of which go to the Ricky Martin Foundation.

"So proud of my friend [Ricky Martin] and all of the work he is doing to help support Puerto Rico!" Underwood wrote. "Get your shirt to join the efforts and help support here."

Many fans replied to Underwood's tweet thanking her for speaking up and supporting such a serious cause. Puerto Rico has been in a desperate humanitarian crisis ever since Hurricane Maria, and it has often taken a back burner to more flashy news stories.

"Omg I'm crying. Thanks for yout [sic] support," one fan wrote. "And please visit the island. I met you once and I told you to come for vacations!!!"

"Thank you & Ricky for stepping up and helping aid those poor people in Puerto Rico! #humanitarians," added another.

"Yes, Puerto Rico needs some serious help!" agreed a third. "Truly a sad situation that should NOT be occurring! I feel for those folks as FEMA did nothing to really help. Giving some lady $500 to fix a destroyed house... smh."

Martin has enlisted many other celebrities in his crusade to rebuild Puerto Rico, according to his website. In particular, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation joined him in organizing and distributing supplies, while Ellen DeGeneres and her team boosted awareness and donations. Martin has not only sought to bring Puerto Rico back to its pre-hurricane state, but to stop and prevent the kinds of crime that can run rampant in a disaster area — particularly human trafficking.

Martin's t-shirt is only available until the end of this week. The proceeds all go directly to the island of Puerto Rico, where they are badly needed. Martin's foundation is working on rebuilding homes as well as uniting communities and re-inspiring them. Posts about his work are under the hashtag "All In 4 PR."

Parts of the power grid in Puerto Rico have still not recovered from Hurricane Maria, more than 13 months after the storm.