Carole Baskin Comes out as Bisexual

Carole Baskin made a major reveal in an interview with Pink News on Monday. The Big Cat Rescue founder most famously known for her part in Netflix’s hit documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness told the outlet that is bisexual.

In coming out, Baskin explained that she had always considered herself to be bisexual, “Even though I’ve never had a wife, I could just as easily have a wife as a husband.” Baskin is currently on her second marriage, both to men, as she has spent the past 16 years with Howard Baskin. Prior to that she was with Don Lewis and eventually disappeared before being declared dead. His death has come under serious scrutiny as the documentary and Joe Exotic’s claims that Baskin killed him or was involved in his death has revived the case. As for Baskin’s sexuality, she shared that she first begun to explore in the 80s after working with those in the LGBT+ community, “I realized I had just as equal feelings for women as I did for men.” At the time she said she was engaged to a psychologist who introduced her to that lifestyle.

In that interview, she was asked about Exotic, the man considered to be her biggest rival throughout the Tiger King documentary. She spoke about Exotic, who is gay, and how he is not just an embarrassment to the gay community but to “the human community.” She described him as being “deviant” in his mannerism and as evident by how he treats humans and animals. In June, Baskin was awarded full ownership of Exotic's former zoo, Wynnewood. This comes as Exotic continues to serve a 22-year prison sentence after he was charged with animal abuse and hiring a hitman aimed to kill the Big Cat Rescue founder.

Baskin, who is 59-years-old, is fresh off her appearance on Dancing With the Stars. There, she and her partner, Pasha Pashkov, were the second pair to be cut behind former basketball star Charles Oakley and Emma Slater. Despite having a brief stint on the show, Baskin certainly left her mark before departing. Her first routine was a paso doble to “Eye of the Tiger.” She stuck with the big cat theme in her second dance, “What’s New Pussycat?” Her third and final performance occurred on Disney Night and to no surprise, saw her come out to a Lion King classic song, “Circle of Life," while also dressing the part.