Carnie Wilson Shoots Down Using Ozempic for Further Weight Loss — Here's Why

Wilson said about semaglutide, 'it's not for me.'

Carnie Wilson said she's steering clear of using popular weight-loss medications. In an interview with Page Six, the singer revealed that she recently lost over 40 pounds and that, while she intends to lose more weight, she is not looking towards the Ozempic route to reach her weight loss goals.

Regarding whether she would use semaglutide, the 55-year-old responded, "Possibly back in the day, yeah. Not now though. It's not for me, definitely not." Wilson added, "I know it works for some people. I was too afraid of the side effects. For me, I just — I didn't want to take a chance." 

Asked if she would use Ozempic to accelerate her progress, she said, "I was too afraid of the side effects." "And it's funny because people are shocked," she continued. "It's like they don't believe me. They're like, 'Oh, can anyone say Ozempic?' And I'm like, 'I didn't do that.'"

Further, Wilson explained that she had struggled with weight loss for most of her life, even after two "medical interventions." Previously, she said she underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and a Lap-Band procedure in 2012.

"But you know, like anybody, it's friggin' math. Eat too many calories, your weight goes up. I could snack all day and still gain weight. I could eat this way right now, not eating sugar and gluten, and gain weight," she told us.

Wilson said "purely dieting" was the key to her weight loss results. "I mean it was, for the first three months, I was pretty strict about stuff," she explained.

"Only eating like certain kinds of cheese, like feta and parmesan. A lot of brown rice, more vegetables, a lot of salads, I love beets. A lot of home cooking, prepping my meals, eating like that. A lot of water and little walking, but that was it. That was the combo."

Wilson, the star of a new cooking show on AXS called Sounds Delicious With Carnie Wilson, credits her lost weight to avoiding sugar and gluten. Despite this, she still misses some of the foods she enjoys.

"Gluten-free bagels, you know, it's not the same. I might have a half and cry a little bit because I miss my chewy bagels. But that's how I did it."