Cardi B Spotted With Wild Purple and Yellow Hair Amid Plastic Surgery Concerns

Cardi B is rocking a bright new hairstyle in the midst of her health concerns over plastic surgery recovery.

Cardi B was spotted out in New York City on Friday with her newly dyed hair on full display. The rapper wore her long locks in a ponytail tucked into the back of her shirt, but up top the bright yellow color was plain to see. She had the very front of her hair dyed grey, framing her face, while orange accents tinged the look elsewhere.

This did not seem to be the official debut for Cardi's new look, as she was dressed casually and apparently incognito. In photos published by The Daily Mail, she wore little makeup, and donned a simple red T-shirt with the word "Canada" printed on the front, and a pattern of red, black and white maple leaves. Seh also wore capri-length blue leggings and sneakers.

See the photos here.

The drastic new look for Cardi B comes as fans are worried sick for her health. The rapper canceled several tour dates as she recovers from complications in her latest cosmetic surgery — apparently a weight loss procedure after giving birth to her daughter.

"I hate canceling shows because I love money. I'm a money addict," she said recently on Instagram Live. "And I get paid a lot of money for these shows, a lot of money. I'm canceling millions of dollars in shows, but health is wealth so I have to do what I have to do."

A representative for Cardi B told PEOPLE that the 26-year-old had simply been "overzealous in getting back to work," and she "didn't take the time necessary to fully recover from her surgery" before booking her shows.

"Her strenuous schedule has taken a toll on her body and she has been given strict doctor's orders to pull out of the rest of her performances in May," they added.

Cardi B herself has admitted that she should not be back on stage yet. During a recent show she told the crowd that her doctor had urged her not to perform, but she could not stand to stay away.

"I shouldn't really be performing because moving too much is gonna f— up my lipo," she said.

Cardi B has never been quiet about her love for cosmetic surgeries, although she did previously say that she did not want to lose her baby weight in the operating room. She had a slow change of heart over the course of several Instagram Live sessions in many months, coming to the conclusion that she could use a little help.


"I do whatever the f— I want to do with my body," she told Entertainment Tonight not long ago.

So far, there is no word on when Cardi B will be ready to retake the stage.