Cardi B Responds to Coronavirus Rumors in Wake of Hospitalization

Cardi B says that she does not have COVID-19 — the coronavirus — in spite of her recent hospital visit. The 27-year-old rapper had fans worried after she tweeted that she had checked into the emergency room on Wednesday, then deleted the post not long after. However, now she has revealed that she was dealing with an unrelated health problem.

Cardi B took to Instagram Live on Thursday to assure fans that she alright. She said that she began experiencing extreme stomach distress, and even feared she might be pregnant again. She said: "I've been very f—ing sick thse past five days... not corona. I have really bad stomach issues... I started throwing up... I took a pregnancy test 'cause a b— never f—ing knows."

Even in the clip, Cardi's sense of humor was alive and well. She wore a face mask and sunglasses, but explained that she was not taking quarantine precautions inside her own house. She said she only had those things on because "I look a f—ing mess."

As Cardi explained, the whole thing played out in Los Angeles, and her eating habits are a bit off while there. She said that most of her food has been take-out from restaurants, adding: "I don't have nobody to cook for me. I hired a chef two times and they were nasty and expensive!"

When she began experiencing stomach pain, Cardi first tried to get a doctor to visit her house, figuring that would be the safest way to maintain social distancing. Sadly, she said: "Doctors are not allowed to come to people's homes right now." She added that medical professionals she talked to wrote off her distress, saying: "they kept telling me to drink ginger tea."

Cardi B said that she did not eat "for like four days straight" leading up to her hospital visit. The hunger left her with headaches, until finally she felt she had no other option than to go to the hospital. She was sorry that the news had caused fans so much worry.

"I threw ups even times... I didn't want to go to the hospital... I went to the hospital. I was sick and [press] ran with it... Then my publicist hit me up and it ain't nothing coronavirus-related, thank god!" she said.

With that explanation out of the way, Cardi reiterated some of her usual points — encouraging fans to take COVID-19 seriously, but also commiserating with them about the parts of life that have changed. She was particularly upset about the need to get her nails done.


"That video that went super viral, I told y'all coronavirus was going to get real. I know I said it in a funny way, but I knew it was going to get real... I did some research on what was going on in China, and I was like s—! That s— hit America, it's going to get real. And it sure motherf—in' did. It sure did b—," the rapper said.

Visit the CDC's website for the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic.