Cardi B Caught on Camera Breaking up Quavo and Offset Fight Backstage at Grammys

It sounds like Cardi B got in the middle of a fight between her husband Offset and his bandmate Quavo at the Grammys on Sunday night, but she is keeping quiet. Quavo performed during the "In Memoriam" segment of the Grammys to honor their late bandmate Takeoff, and he and Offset reportedly got into a fight backstage over the performance. Candid footage seemed to show Cardi getting in the middle of the fight, but she did not have a comment for reporters afterward.

Entertainment Tonight camera crews were out of sight but within earshot when Quavo and Offset began fighting, and Cardi could be heard in the middle of it. In the video, she can be heard yelling: "Both of y'all wrong. This is not right. No, b—, shut the f— up 'cause you shouldn't have been talking." The other voices could not be heard clearly, and Cardi played the confrontation off when reporters asked her about it. When asked if she had "settled" anything, she quipped: "The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey."

At first, Offset and Quavo denied reports that they had been fighting backstage. According to TMZ, Grammys organizers had wanted Offset to be a part of the tribute performance for Takeoff but Quavo had insisted on doing the performance solo. When the two clashed over this idea backstage, things got physical, and the rappers had to be literally pulled apart. Insiders said that Quavo was the one to initiate the fight.

At first, Offset seemed to deny that this fight took place with a tweet on Monday morning. He wrote: "What tf look like fighting my brother yal n—s is crazy." So far, Quavo and Cardi B have not addressed these rumors nor have their professional representatives.

Takeoff, Quavo and Offset formed their group Migos in 2008 in Georgia and rose to national prominence in 2013. The trio was considered essential to the rise of trap music and the current popularity of some aspects of hip-hop music in general. In hindsight, fans credited a lot of this influence to Takeoff, who was heavily involved in their music production and the creation of their instrumental style.

Takeoff died on Nov. 1, 2022, in a bizarre shooting in Houston, Texas, where he and Quavo were celebrating a birthday with friends. Takeoff was shot three times in the hallway outside a bowling alley in the early hours of the morning. An investigation into the shooting is ongoing, but the local police's initial assessment was that Takeoff was not the intended target. His seemingly random death at the age of 28 shook his friends, family and colleagues as well as the rap music community as a whole. Quavo's tribute resonated with many mourners this weekend.