Cannibal Corpse Speaks out After Guitarist Pat O’Brien's Alarming Arrest

Cannibal Corpse has released a statement following guitarist Pat O'Brien’s arrest last week.

On Thursday, the death metal band took to Facebook to address their bandmate’s Dec. 10 arrest on burglary and assault charges, showing their support for O’Brien as well as giving fans an update.

“As a band and individuals, we all want nothing but the best for our brother and partner, Pat,” they wrote. “While we can offer no further information about the incident, we wanted everyone to know that Pat is getting the help he needs and appreciates the love and support from Cannibal Corpse fans around the world."

“Pat is currently with family and friends and looks forward to a healthy return at some point,” the band continued in its statement. “For anyone wondering, all Cannibal Corpse touring will happen as planned and all shows will be played.”

O’Brien, who has been a part of the group since 1997, was arrested on Dec. 10 for burglary and assaulting a police officer after he allegedly entered a neighbor's house wielding a knife and attacked a female occupant. The Cannibal Corpse guitarist reportedly pushed the female to the ground and claimed that “liens have landed." He also warned those inside of the home about "the rapture."

When authorities arrived on the scene, O'Brien charged an officer with a knife in hand, resulting in him having to be stunned multiple times before an arrest was able to be made. Just hours after his arrest, O’Brien’s house caught fire, leading t the discovery by the fire marshal of a cache of weapons inside the Florida home.

According to reports, the home had an arsenal of guns, including 50 shotguns, 20 semiautomatic rifles, two Uzi-style firearms, 20 handguns, and two flamethrowers. One of the shotguns’ barrels was illegally sawed off to about an inch past the stock. Authorities also discovered two flamethrowers, thousands of rounds of ammunition, potential explosive devices, and additional weapons. Three skulls were also found.

O’Brien was held overnight and appeared in front of a judge on Dec. 11, when he was ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation, though that condition was reportedly removed. On Dec. 12, O’Brien was released after posting $50,000 bail.


Federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are now involved with O'Brien's case.

O’Brien had joined Cannibal Corpse in 1997 following its 1988 founding in Buffalo, New York. It is unclear who, if anyone, will replace him during the band’s upcoming scheduled concerts scheduled in February and March, when he might rejoin the band in the future.