Busy Philipps Savors Fragrant Valentine's Gift From Kim Kardashian

After quite the heated day, Busy Philipps came home to a delightful surprise. The 38-year-old actress documented her sheer joy when she found out she had been gifted with a KKW Fragrance chocolate heart by none other than Kim Kardashian herself.

Just days before her sweet dream came true, Philipps wrote on Twitter that she was secretly hoping Kardashian would send her one of the Valentine's Day themed fragrance gifts she's been promoting.

"I mean. There's no reason I would get one but I have been secretly hoping @KimKardashian would send me one of those chocolate hearts with perfume in it so I could bust it open with a tiny mallet," Philipps tweeted on Friday.

Then, on Monday night, Philipps teased her Instagram followers.

"You guys. Something really exciting happened today," she said on her Instagram Story. "This is like the most exciting thing that's happened in a while."

As you may have guessed, a giant chocolate heart was waiting for Philipps in her refrigerator, courtesy of Kim Kardashian. For those who haven't caught a glimpse at the literal heart-breaking process on social media, recipients use a wood mallet included in the package to break open the chocolate heart, which contains miniature candy hearts and the boxed perfume.

"You guys — can you see what it says? It says KKW Fragrance," she said as she zoomed in on the white box with glee. "It's KKW Fragrance, you guys. It's a big box from Kim Kardashian."

"This is the most exciting thing I've ever done," she declared as she found the bottle of perfume inside the heart. "Am I overreacting?"

Later, she tried to decipher the specific scent of the "BAE" perfume she'd received. While she couldn't place the particular notes, she determined it smelled like vanilla and that she liked it. "I'm just going to be here watching Friends, smelling my wrist high off that chocolate. What a night," she said.

"I was really heated earlier and that chocolate heart really calmed right down," she added.

It's possible the Cougar Town alum was referring to her social media rant earlier on Monday, in which Philipps wrote that she was embarrassed to have ever auditioned for director Quentin Tarantino after his comments about Roman Polanski resurfaced from a 2003 interview.

In his old Howard Stern interview, Tarantino, 54, seems to defend Polanski in the wake of his infamous statutory rape case. The actress said she was “embarrassed” she auditioned for the director in the past following the release of the audio and the allegations Uma Thurman made against him in a New York Times article.

“Like f—ing spitting on an actress' face and choking her wasn’t enough,” Philipps said, referencing the reporting done by Maureen Dowd in New York Times that the director had spit on Thurman and choked her during the filming of Kill Bill.

“F— this guy. F— anyone who works with him. I’m embarrassed that I ever auditioned for him. F— him,” Philipps tweeted.

She continued of the audition, “That I f—ing showed up in SHORT SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS as requested because I WANTED THE JOB. This business sucks and enables predators and F—ING ENOUGH.”

“Btw this was 10 year ago. I’m SURE IM TOO F—ING OLD NOW,” she added.

Little did Philipps know that her day would be turned around by a special gift waiting for her at home from Kardashian.