Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's Daughter Tallulah Has Tattoos Removed: 'I Was 20 and Impulsive'

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Taullulah is one of many people who got a tattoo when they were young that they're now regretting, though Tallulah shared that she decided to take the step to have her tattoos removed.

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The 26-year-old opened up about her decision on Instagram on Monday, posting a photo of herself with her arm up to show off a white bandage surrounding her elbow. The photo was taken at LaserAway, a laser hair and tattoo removal clinic in Beverly Hills.

"TATTOOS R FUN UNTL THER NOT," Tallulah wrote. "thankful that magic erasers for skeen exists @laseraway *disclaimer my arms are burning as deep as my ego, but it really does work."

"Sign me up," Ireland Baldwin joked in the comments section.

Tallulah also replied to one person who asked why she decided to remove her ink, writing that she "was 20 and impulsive and didn't understand the word 'permanent.'"

On her Instagram Story, Tallulah posted a photo of her arm without the bandage, the ink around her elbow noticeably lighter than the tattoos on the rest of her arm. "SWOL," she wrote.

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(Photo: Instagram / Tallulah Willis)

Tallulah discussed her tattoos with W Magazine in 2016, sharing that of the 28 tattoos she had at the time, there was only one she regretted having done.

"Only a few of them have some deeper meaning for me, most of them just feel like little decor on the bod," she said. "I can't stop getting them, much to Mama's chagrin. My favorite one is on my right arm and it's the head of a creature Scouter and I collaborated on when we were bored on an airplane. In my impulsive way, I decreed that I had to get it the moment we landed, which I did and thankfully it turned out pretty good."

Bruce and Moore also share daughters Rumer Willis and Scout Willis. Last year, Tallulah and Rumer appeared with their mom on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk, where Tallulah revealed that she began drinking at age 14 and "almost died from alcohol poisoning" one year later. After struggling for some time, Rumer and Scout eventually brought their sister to Moore, who Tallulah had not spoken to in years.

She moved into her mom's house and went into treatment by choice, a decision Rumer said brought the family together after years of discord.


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