Britney Spears Shows off New Blonde Hair After Going Brunette

Britney Spears has gone back to blonde just a month after trying a new hair color. The pop star dyed her hair brunette for a while this fall, but ultimately decided to stick with her usual blonde look. She revealed the change on Instagram on Tuesday.

"So maybe blondes do have more fun," Spears wrote with winking emojis. "It’s not professional Hollywood hair and makeup... but hey it’s real and I’m watching Vacation!!!" "P.S. Just got out of pool so hair is wet... sorry!!!" she added.

In Tuesday's video, Spears examined her blonde hair from various angles, making faces at the camera. She wore a white tube top with a slim silver necklace, and her hair was wrapped up in a messy bun as she relaxed on the couch.

Spears first revealed her brunette look on Sept. 4, also on Instagram. At the time, she credited her younger sister, Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears for inspiring the switch. That, too came in the form of a glamourous self-shot video.

"Same faces, same dress, new hair!!!!!" she wrote at the time. "Yes, my sister inspired me to go dark!!!!!!!"

Spears rocked the look for at least a while, but it is not clear how long it took her to go blonde again. Last week, she posted a video of herself riding her bike through her neighborhood with blonde tresses. At first, fans wondered if it might be an old clip, but it may have been the first peek at her new style.

However, the timeline is further confused by Spears' post on Monday, where she rocked brown hair again. The picture came from her recent trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui, which was apparently not long ago.

"Nothing heals more than the ocean," she wrote. "I always feel so alive when I see the ocean in Maui... it’s literally turquoise... it’s unbelievable!!! This pic does not do justice at all for I saw there."

"In a world where we are all subjected to cell phones and devices... we get hung up on screens instead of Mother Nature and listening to her," she went on. "Mother Nature is everything. I find her every time I go to this magical place... here I know there is more."


All of this personal transformation comes at a time of big changes for Spears, who just recently renegotiated her conservatorship in court. The singer previously answered to her father on all personal, financial and business matters, but now he has temporarily stepped down to focus on his health. Spears is taking time off of work to be with her dad as well, a source told PEOPLE.

"He will continue to be the conservator," they said. "Britney and Jamie always had a complicated relationship. Her dad can be very stern, firm and stubborn. Britney many times rebelled against him."