Britney Spears' Mom Lynne Attempting to Enter Singer's Conservatorship Amid 'Free Britney' Protests

Britney Spears' mother doesn't want to be left out of any part of the ongoing drama surrounding [...]

Britney Spears' mother doesn't want to be left out of any part of the ongoing drama surrounding her daughter's mental health. Lynne Spears filed a request for a special notice regarding all matters pertaining to Britney and her conservatorship, according to The Blast.

The documents were filed with a court on Monday morning. Lynne, 64, also asked in her filing that she be kept abreast of all matters related to an upcoming hearing pertaining to daughter, according to The Blast. She used her own attorney to file the paperwork.

A judge is set to carry out a status check on the musician to discuss recent events. It's unclear at this time if Lynne intends to challenge anything that's been decided by Britney's team of advisors up to this point. Sources close to her conservatorship, which included her father Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet, told The Blast Lynne consulted Jamie, whom she's separated from, before filing her documents. For years, the insiders alleged, Lynne had been getting most of her information regarding Britney from Jamie. The filing is evidently her way of taking a more active role in her daughter's life.

While The Blast did not suggest that Lynne and Jamie are at odds over Spears' condition or subsequent treatment, TMZ reported that the pair are at odds. Lynne reportedly believes Britney is not getting the treatment she needs for her mental health condition, according to the outlet. Sources connected to the situation said Lynne read reports about Britney being held against her will and given medications she didn't want. Those reports are, as TMZ noted, untrue, but left Lynne nervous and interested in being a voice for her daughter during her alleged mental health crisis.

Lynne is said to be interested in obtaining information directly from the court, rather than Britney's conservatorship. Her daughter's team has reportedly always been supportive of Lynne being more involved. She has not made a move to be named conservator, and it's unclear if she intends to do so.

Until recently, Lynne hasn't been involved in Britney's conservatorship. Instead, as The Blast noted, it's been left up to the "Toxic" singer's father, Jamie Spears. While Jamie has been somewhat outspoken about his daughter's recent mental health struggles, Lynne has been quiet and the public took notice.

It's been reported that Lynne is in Los Angeles, and is staying with her daughter. Britney checked out of a mental health facility on April 25, Page Six reported. She was picked up by boyfriend Sam Asghari. Britney checked in on April 3, as reported by TMZ.

Britney has been under co-conservatorship since 2008. At the time, she had just gone through a very public mental breakdown, according to Vulture.

Fans have been rallying around Britney since news broke. The hashtag "#FreeBritney" began circulating amid reports that she was admitted against her will. It continues to see activity, as fans wish her well in her recovery.