Dr. Drew Predicts Britney Spears Will Be Released From Her Conservatorship

Britney Spears' conservatorship has come under mass public scrutiny over the past few months, and [...]

Britney Spears' conservatorship has come under mass public scrutiny over the past few months, and now celebrity therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky predicts that she will be released from it, eventually. Pinsky spoke exclusively with Entertainment Tonight, sharing his take on Spears' situation, and stated that he believes she deserves to have her "life back."

"My reaction to Britney's appearance in court was that she appeared to be clear in her thought process and she seemed to be well both psychiatrically and physically," Pinsky told the outlet. "And really, aren't those the determinants about whether or not she should have a chance to get off this conservatorship?" The addiction medicine specialist added, "The last 13 years are effectively the proof."

Clarifying his perspective, Pinsky explained, "In other words, she was put on a conservatorship because she was seriously [struggling]. She has remained stable for many years. It worked. Once you have established a period of stability, it's time to try a lower level of intensity of services, meaning, how about we get off the conservatorship?"

Pinsky also addressed the controversy surrounding Jamie Spears being his daughter's conservator. "My understanding is that Britney's father has never really been interested in continuing the overall conservatorship, he was interested more in maintaining control of her finances," he stated. "Which, to be fair, is her business. It really is her business."

He continued, "She may be irresponsible, she may blow it, she may have a bad outcome. As a father myself, it would be deeply concerning to me. But this is an adult woman who makes her own money. I think that's up to her."

As far as how he sees Spears' current mental and emotional health, Pinsky stated, "She has been doing well for a long time. She deserves a chance at something different." He also surmised that if the pop legend opts to file paperwork asking for her conservatorship to be ended, the process may move "quick."

"It has been going on longer than I expected already, so I think this might be short and swift at a certain point," he said. "My prediction is she will be released from this conservatorship." He then explained that he knows Spears likely has a challenging path ahead, as trying to get out from under a legal conservatorship is no easy task, but he strongly believes that "she deserves a chance, she really does." Pinsky concluded by proudly stating, "Free Britney."