Bode Miller Reveals Newborn Son's Name in Wake of Daughter's Death

Bode Miller and wife Morgan Beck welcomed a son in October, with Miller revealing the infant's name during an appearance on the Today show on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Miller shared that he and Beck decided to name their son Easton Vaughn Rek Miller, explaining that it took the pair a bit of time to decide on a name for the new addition, who arrived in a home birth.

"It took us three weeks…If you go in a hospital, you can't leave the hospital [without a name] but at home birth, you can do whatever you want so all the kids were going to school and everyone was like, 'What's his name?'" the athlete recalled. "We just called him baby brother and everyone thought we were just crazy. Once we got to know him, it was clear."

Easton was born on Oct. 5, nearly six months after Miller and Beck's 19-month-old daughter Emmeline passed away in a drowning accident.

During his appearance on Today, Miller shared that his son's arrival has helped the family in their grieving process after Emmeline's death.

"If there's one thing that can kind of help to heal and fill that spot in your heart, it's a baby and he's a special one. Besides the lack of sleep, it's been a really nice process to be able to go through," he said. "It's unbelievable."

In addition to Easton, Bode and Miller share son Nash, 3, and Miller has two children from previous relationships, daughter Neeson, 10, and son Samuel, 5.

"It's been six months since we lost Emmy…The kids talk about her all the time, which is really good, but obviously hard too," Miller said. "We have to. She's everywhere in our house, you notice it. You feel the loss but she's still part of our family."

"We see the path forward," he added. "It's just keeping going and trying to stay positive. It's not easy, I don't think it gets that much easier."

Beck recently shared one of the ways Emmy's presence is felt in her and Miller's home, using Instagram to post a photo of a painting she received from artist Frances Katz that depicts Emmy's heartbeat.


"This is my baby girl's heartbeat," Beck wrote. "The one that pulsed across the screen showing me the gift of life I had growing inside me. The one that gave me joy and excitement for the day I was able to hold her in my arms and fall madly in love. That is a moment I want to hold onto forever. Thank you @blueberryglitter for giving me this as a constant loving reminder of that moment. I've never received something more beautiful. You captured the essence of her sweet, beautiful soul and all of her sparkle perfectly."

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(Photo: Instagram / @blueberryglitter)

Photo Credit: NBC News / NBC'S TODAY