Blake Lively Reveals She Broke Her Hand Punching Jude Law in 'The Rhythm Section' Fight Scene

Blake Lively's new movie, The Rhythm Section, arrives in theaters on Jan. 31, and Lively has been promoting the film with a press tour this week, where she revealed that she actually "shattered" her hand while shooting one of the movie's fight scene with co-star, Jude Law.

"There's a kitchen fight with me and Jude and that's the one where I shattered my hand," she told Extra. "It's a four-minute fight with just the two of us. Just two actors who are not equipped to be doing a fight scene together."

(Photo: Getty / Gotham)

"I was lunging at Jude to punch him very aggressively with my rubber knife and he went to block it and we came in contact," Lively continued. "It was a firework explosion of ligaments and bones and tendons and soft tissue."

The injury was so bad that Lively had two surgeries and production on the film was shut down for six months. When filming resumed, Lively's character needed a way to explain the bandage the actress was wearing on her hand , so they filmed another scene to make it plausible.

"We were only a few weeks into production, so most of the fight sequences that you do see in the movie are after that, which is why my hand is wrapped," Lively shared. "There's a glass-hand injury that happens in the movie that wasn't real, we just had to explain the other injury."

The Rhythm Section is based on the book of the same name by Mark Burnell and stars Lively as Stephanie Patrick, a woman who seeks revenge after she discovers that the plane crash that killed her family wasn't an accident. The press tour for the movie is Lively's first since giving birth to her third child with husband Ryan Reynolds last fall. The couple's baby girl joined big sister James, 5, and Inez, 3, and the kids in the house now officially outnumber the parents.

"At one point, we had three [kids aged] 4 and under," Lively reflected during an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday. "It's like going from two to 3,000," she added of the transition from two to three kids. "[We] have so many children. It's pretty [crazy]. We're outnumbered. It's a lot."


"People say that from two to three, it’s the same, it’s kind of easy. Those people do not have three kids," she joked. "It is crazy. But I'm here!"

Photo Credit: Getty / Dominik Bindl