Is Blac Chyna's New Tattoo a Dig at the Kardashian Clan?

Blac Chyna recently got some new ink, and it may be inspired by her ongoing beef with the Kardashian family.

The model recently got tatted up with new artwork, which features a snake crawling around a couple pink flowers.

(Photo: Instagram / Blac Chyna)

It could just be a cool design Chyna, 29, wanted to get to go along with her other floral ink, but it could also be meant to send an aggressive message to the Kardashian family.

OK! Magazine has interpreted the menacing creature to be a message for the famous family to "step back" and let her live her life.

The snake could also be used as a coy play on the same criticism Kim Kardashian levied against Taylor Swift during their infamous online feud.


Whatever the intention, it was a bold statement from Chyna at the end of a year full of online drama, lawsuits and controversial moments for the star.