Blac Chyna Shows Instant Results After Dissolving Her Facial Fillers

Blac Chyna is seeing "almost instant" results as she gets the facial fillers dissolved in her cheeks, jaw, and lips. The 34-year-old model, who has been documenting her journey to return back to a more natural look, took to Instagram Thursday to share the process of having her fillers dissolved, declaring, "Enough is enough, it all has to come out."

In the video, the reality personality, who was born Angela White, tells the doctor she wants to go all the way "back to baseline," explaining that she's "tired" of the look she has with fillers. "It's just not flattering. It's just not what I look like," she continues. "It totally changed my face and I'm just ready to get back to Angela. Blac Chyna's Blac Chyna and I feel like I've outgrown that."

Chyna continues that when she would get her makeup done when she had fillers in, it would make her face look "even more dramatic," joking she was out there "looking like [Saw villain] Jigsaw." Chyna can then be seen getting her fillers removed, as needles inject a dissolving solution into her face. The results are "almost instant," she gushes, noting her face isn't as "boxy" as it used to be. "I'm on my journey right now and I just want to start fresh, clean," she says, adding, "Shoutout to the girls who want to get the fillers. I'm not saying don't do it, but just for me, I'm just kind of over the whole phase."

Chyna previously shared the process of having her butt injections and breast implants removed. "I just want all the ladies out there to know, do not get silicone shots because you can get sick, you can die, have complications and all this other crazy stuff," Chyna said of the injections she began receiving in her backside at age 19. "But now I'm moving [up] in life, so I want this out of my ass, so I can grow."

"I must say, I'm very, very, very, very happy," she said of the results. "As you can see, I got my breasts reduced. One of the best decisions I could've done in a very long time." While the reduction in her backside would usually take "four hours tops," Chyna said her procedure took over eight-and-a-half hours. "Whatever that silicone mass – whatever that was that was in my buttocks – it kept clogging the machine," she revealed.