Billy Bush Hospitalized After Being Hit by Golf Ball

Former Access Hollywood correspondent Billy Bush posted a few selfies from his hospital bed today. The disgraced Today Show host wrote in the caption that he was brought to Cedars- Sinai Hospital after being hit in the head by a golf ball.

Bush was good-natured about the incident, joking around in his caption with an ironic "FORE!!" and the hashtag "#putmedownforpar." He also called out his nurses and took some pictures with them as well.

Bush dismissed any fear that the accident might have been serious. "Scan is clear," he assured his followers.

As much as the golf ball to the head might have hurt, Bush is likely glad to be in the news for something other than his now infamous 2005 hot-mic recording with President Donald Trump. The story has been re-circulating lately as the president asserts that the whole story might have been made up. Billy Bush has remained silent on the issue since these new development arose. It's possible that he's hoping the head injury will buy him some more time away from the public media circus.