Bill Gates as Secret Santa Showers Reddit User With Gifts

Bill Gates has done it again, making one Reddit user's Christmas extra special by being her Secret Santa.

bill gates ss
(Photo: Reddit/VietteLLC)

This year's Gates gifts went to a user named VietteLLC, who got a gigantic "Pusheen" cat stuffed animal from the Microsoft co-founder. That was only the start of her gifts from Gates.

"I've done the Reddit gift exchange for years now. I love all the silly little gifts. I always check out the Bill Gates post and laugh at how crazy it must have been for that person, never for a second even considering it a possibility for me," VietteLLC wrote.

One day, FedEx delivered a box that could fit "about 5 of me." She had an awkward moment with the FedEx guy, especially since the box listed her Reddit name on the address.

bill gates ss 2
(Photo: Reddit/VietteLLC)

"I figured it was some cat tower from Amazon prime — right? I mean — what else.. a gigantic cat? Let's be serious," she wrote. "I instantaneously recognized the big grey blob shape and 2 tail stripes and, I kid you not, screamed like a little girl. I was over the moon, and immediately loved my mystery Santa for all of eternity, for ever and ever. They CLEARLY knew my soul."

Then, VietteLLC noticed the letter with a picture, showing Gates.

"As Pusheen was being released from his box, I picked up a letter with a picture, and thought it was SUPER weird that someone was so obsessed with Bill Gates as to send me a photo of him," VietteLLC wrote. "Then I just caught fragments of the letter all at once 'a donation has been made,' 'bill gates,' and my cat's names. It clicked and I started to burst out loud laughing and crying simultaneously. I was a cliché."

After reading the letter over and over again, she realized that there was another box of gifts inside. She said Gates split a $750 donation to three of her favorite cat shelters.

His other gifts include other Pusheen items, a cardboard Dr. Who Tardis for her real cats, a $150 gift card to True Grit, a mini Austrian snow globe with a white kitten in it, a Dave Matthews Band car sticker, a map of Skyrim and logos for the cat shelters on little notes.

"The best part? Well, second to the donations and gigantic Pusheen... Knowing that at some point during my workweek, I was drinking coffee, writing a boring email, and Bill Gates was somewhere having a professional photo taken with a jumbo Pusheen and writing me notes about cats," VietteLLC wrote. "I love you Bill Gates… hope to hear from you again next year?? have my address."


In 2016, Gates was the Secret Santa for another cat lover, who also loves video games.

Photo credit: Reddit/ VietteLLC