Bill Cosby Verdict Sparks Mixed Social Media Reaction

The jury has reached a verdict in the sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby, and social media users are having some mixed reactions.

The jury found Cosby guilty on all three sexual assault-related counts he was charged with.

A large number of people who have been following the trial seem to support the verdict, with journalist Dana Schwartz saying, "The Cosby verdict feels like a beautiful exhale."

"Literally gasped in my living room at the Cosby verdict. What a relief," added another Twitter user.

"Bill Cosby found guilty. Good night, you piece of s—. The strength of his accusers is everything," writer/actress Paula Pell fired off.

Several are citing the Me Too and Times Up movements as a big reason for why Cosby was found guilty.

There are some, however, who have a slightly different take in the wake of the results.

In a since-deleted tweet, one user seemed to criticize Cosby's victims, writing, "I can't understand what these women thought they were going to do in a room with Bill Cosby at 3am. Were they intending to play dominoes? It was Hollywood during the sexual revolution. IF he drugged someone that's awful, but what was the goal of being in a room alone with him?"


Still, there are some who simply cite the good they feel his career has had on society. Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma tweeted, "Most of these youngins out here don't even know who HeathCliff Huxtable was.. Bill Cosby had one of the best shows of all time."

(Photo: Kyle Kuzma / Twitter)

Ironically, Kuzma is only 22 years old himself, having been born in 1995, which is a full three years after The Cosby Show went off the air.