Bill Cosby Not Attacked With Prison Chicken Patty, Despite Rumors

It turns out that Bill Cosby was not attacked in prison with a chicken patty, despite what rumors [...]

It turns out that Bill Cosby was not attacked in prison with a chicken patty, despite what rumors claimed.

According to TMZ, a Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections official confirmed that the widely-reported altercation never happened.

"This did NOT happen, and I am unhappy with anyone who is reporting such fake news," the official said.

While the interaction did not actually take place, that has not stopped social media users from joking about it on Twitter.

"Bill Cosby was a target of what they're calling a prison food fight," one person quipped, while someone else joked, "Who tf slapped Bill Cosby with a chicken patty?"

Cosby has been in prison for two weeks, ever since he was sentenced to serve three to 10 years for sexual assault.

During his sentencing hearing, supermodel Janice Dickinson sat in the courtroom and watched as the comedian was remanded into state custody. Having accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her in the past, Dickinson laughed as Cosby's sentence was handed down.

In a recent essay for Variety, the former The former America's Next Top Model judge explained why she laughed.

"I saw Cosby laughing at trial while I testified, and then again at his sentencing. At the recess just before the announcement of the long-awaited sentence, I saw him look at me. I let out an explosive emotional laugh," Dickinson explained. "While other victims wept, I laughed and said, 'Who's laughing now?'"

"After the final sentence and after the defense tried several other moves, it was over, and I was relieved that Judge Steven O'Neil had fairly considered the evidence and made the right decision to put him away in state prison, where he cannot ruin any other woman's life," she added. "The justice system had done its job."

"That's a relief, and I felt better, but it does not undo the damage," Dickinson added. "Just then, Cosby's team called me a liar (again), and the creepy feelings of being a victim started back, like the tide coming in."

Cosby's legal team is reportedly attempting to get him a new trial or a reduced sentence, but there is currently no word on when — or if — that will happen.