Bill Cosby Working on New TV Show Following Prison Release

Bill Cosby is plotting his television return. The 84-year-old Cosby Show creator and star started working on the show while he was behind bars serving time for sexual assault, his rep tells the New York Post. In addition to the show, Cosby is also working diligently on a new book.

"Things are happening. He's working on a number of projects right now, a number of ideas for a TV show," Cosby's known rep, Andrew Wyatt, told Fox News on Thursday, Sept. 9. Wyatt didn't give many details, but he did confirm that Cosby began conversations with producers about his ideas while he was still an inmate at State Correctional Institute-Phoenix, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 

"He's been working on this particular project now for a year and a half," Wyatt said. "When he was a resident of SCI Phoenix, he would have phone calls with producers." Cosby's calls were limited, but he clearly wanted them to be productive. Wyatt explained that Cosby spoke to the producers "probably two, three times a week." 

At the time, Cosby was serving a three to 10 years sentence after being convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. He was released in July on a technicality. But now that he's home, Cosby has his eyes set on a major comeback.

Wyatt says the show "has him on the phone with producers, working with guys every day," adding Cosby is "giving his creative ideas and input. He's on the phone almost every day for the book as well. He's working. That's why people don't see him as much. That's his primary focus since he's gotten out — to come out and be able to have projects and to work with people who want to work with him."

Wyatt previously revealed that Cosby's forthcoming book would reveal his experiences in prison. He is reportedly working with author Frederick Williams to help bring the book to life.