'Big Bang Theory' Star Johnny Galecki Throws Shade at Millennials and Baby Boomers

Johnny Galecki has some things to say about other generations around him.

The Big Bang theory actor took a CBS News graphic to task earlier this week that erased Generation X from a Generations Guideline, after they went from Baby Boomers (people born from 1946-1964) to Millenials (people born from 1981-1996).

The actor posted a screenshot of a tweet that read: "Gen X was apparently out of the building during roll call, probably too busy taking care of an elderly parent while sending an Uber to an unemployed millennial child and arguing with a post-millennial about why the WiFi is so slow," the tweet read alongside the hashtag, #GenX.

Galecki had his own comments about the graphic, giving examples as to the contributions GenXers have given to society.

"You forgot one, [CBSLive] #GenX?" Galecki wrote on the caption of the post. "You may remember us as the inventors of Harry Potter, podcasts and irony. And you wonder why we have abandonment issues. Just remember: for every Boomer who dislikes a Millennial, there's a generation in between that dislikes you both. #ironic"

Fans of The Conners actor took to the comments section to give their take on the graphic, with one Post-Millennial follower criticizing Galecki for feeling superior.

"...[laughing my a— off] every older generation feels superior, it's a thing that has existed for thousands of years," they wrote replying to another fan. "I'm Gen Z and a lot of people hate on us for being lazy narcissistic stupid, all the things previous generations were accused of. You can do some research to old newspapers and you'll find lots of articles on how the youth was lazy for taking the bus instead of walking, or reading to much and not being social."

The actor may claim to hate Baby Boomers and Millenials, though his 21-year-old girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, of almost a year suggest there are some exceptions. The couple first made things public in July 2018. Galecki has even rocked an "AMM" tattoo with a heart underneath it in honor of his partner.

Ahead of the New Year, Meyer and Galecki paid tribute to their relationship on social media.

"Oh wowza, what a wonderful year it had been," Meyer wrote in the caption of her post. "One of my biggest blessings this year was falling in love with this amazing man. I'm so grateful for all of the lessons I have learned over this year and all of the memories I've made with family and loved ones. I loved 2018 but I am ready for 2019 and all of the magic to come. HAPPY NEW YEAR."


Galecki, meanwhile wrote, "2018 wouldn't have been half the year it was had I not met this beautiful and wonderful woman. Thank you for being all you are, darlin."