'Big Bang Theory' Alum Kaley Cuoco Reveals Footage of Herself Being Thrown by Her Horse

Harley Quinn star Kaley Cuoco shared footage of herself being thrown from a horse in her Instagram Story last month after her friends started sharing their own show ring fails. The Big Bang Theory actress' husband, pro equestrian Karl Cook, also shared his own fail to keep the circle going. Cook and Cuoco are self-quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic at the home they share with their animals.

Back on March 23, Cuoco shared a funny photo of herself on horseback, reports The Blast, which shared the video. "The moment you realize all your equestrian friends are posting their show ring fails and now you have to do the same and you know there are tons but you don't really want to," Cuoco wrote in the caption after her friends started tagging her. She included an animated "LOL!" Now, she had to share a clip of herself making a mistake or she would disappoint her friends.

Cuoco shared a video of herself on a horse, riding her through a series of hurdles. When she got to one hurdle, the horse stopped short, sending Cuoco over it instead. "How adorable is my mom in the background 'good try tho!'" Cuoco wrote, adding two laughing emojis. She also apologized to the horse, named Bella. Cuoco kept the ring of horse fails going by tagging two other friends and her husband.

Of course, Cook also followed through. He shared a video of himself riding a white house over hurdles. Everything seemed to be going well until he reached a hurdle where his horse stopped short, sending Cook flying over it. The video was shot on Feb. 27, according to a caption Cook included.

Cook, 28, and Cuoco, 34, tied the knot in July 2018 but did not finally move in together until after she finished filming HBO Max's The Flight Attendant in New York earlier this year. The couple built a new house together. Cuoco often talked about their unconventional living arrangement, and she was surprised by how much attention it received.


"We are built, we are so excited," Cuoco told Access Hollywood last month. "We haven't spent an evening in it yet. Actually Karl has been at home and I said 'Why don't you stay at the house?' but he's waiting for me to get there and have all the animals there. When I wrap in April, that will be our first time in our new house. We are going steady. He gave me his letterman jacket and we are moving in together."

While Cuoco and Cook have been staying in their new home, the actress has been hosting her own Instagram show. On Monday, she shared a new episode of Cup of Cuoco, in which she has been keeping fans up to date on their lives wile nursing a cup of coffee. Since not too much has happened, she celebrated getting a case of scrunchies from Amazon and is now in week three of self-isolating. Jimmy Kimmel is also interviewing her for Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live at-home episode.