Beth Chapman Teases Tango With Arnold Schwarzenegger in Latest Tweet

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman asked Arnold Schwarzenegger for a dance on Tuesday, though she admitted she might not be able to keep up.

Chapman had fans laughing this week when she live-tweeted her viewing of True Lies. Chapman was watching the 1994 action comedy when she apparently decided to let Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold know how much of an impression the film left on her even all these years later.

"Watching my favorite movie [Arnold Schwarzenegger] and my good buddy [Tom Arnold] in [True Lies], she wrote. This [tango] is so dang sexy I think I could be drug around the floor by [Arnold Schwarzenegger]. Lol."

Chapman included two dancing emojis and a crazy-face emoji in her post, which racked up a few hundred likes overnight. The reality star was up late watching the film, as her tweet was posted at 1 a.m. PT on Wednesday morning.

True Lies follows Schwarzenegger as a secret agent trying to get his marriage back on track while also stopping terrorists from smuggling nuclear war heads into the U.S. He believes that his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) is having an affair with a used car salesman (Bill Paxton). Arnold, meanwhile, plays Schwarzenegger's partner.

Many fans chimed in to say that they share Chapman's love for the classic 1990s movie. A few even echoed her crush on Schwarzenegger at the time.

"He is one sexy hunk," one fan wrote. "Even the older he gets he is still sexy. Same with Sean Connery."

"He couldn't keep up with you," added another.

"Girl!!! You and me Both," a third fan wrote. "Hope you're feeling better Beth Always in my thoughts and prayers."

Chapman is still in treatment for throat cancer, which returned after going into remission earlier this year. The reality star has kept fans updated on her status through social media, and her post saw a considerable number of well-wishes for that as well.


"Hey mama Beth I like his movies a lot as well... just to let u know that I am praying 4 u to get better," one person wrote. "And that goes 4 ur family... and I love all of the shows. That u and the family does can't wait until the new show comes on. May god bless you, Beth."

Chapman has been all smiles in her most recent social media posts, which show her enjoying time with her family outside of treatment. She is still promoting their new reality show, Dog's Most Wanted, which is due to premiere on WGN sometime in 2019.