Beth Chapman's Daughter Calls out Family Friends Using Her Image for Merchandise, Questionable Charity

Beth Chapman's daughter Cecily has taken to social media to call out family friends for using the late bounty hunter's image for merchandise and a questionable charity. In a post on Instagram, Cecily shared an image from Beth Chapman Memorial Inc., which was started following Chapman's death in 2019. "Have you ever donated to Beth Chapman Memorial Inc? If so you should ask where your money is," Cecily wrote. "According to the California Secretary of State, on 7/6/22 They closed their office in Merced and moved to a mail forwarding address in Sacramento."

She continued, "It says that one officer still lives in California at the old office address. The problem is the house was force-sold in June due to a divorce so the Secretary of the charity does not live there which means the forms is clearly a lie. Add to it that according to the Attorney General's office in California, once again, Beth Chapman Memorial Inc. is missing required reporting and the charity shows an address that is no longer the office address for the charity."

Cecily went on to pose a number of questions: "Where is the money? Where does it go? Why is my mother's name being used for a bait and switch when even the addresses don't match up? Why is the woman who cheated on my mom with my dad listed as the Secretary of a scholarship in her name? Why would a woman who claims to be a friend of my mother allow the woman who cheated on my mom to live with her?"

In a second post, Cecily elaborated on her feelings and curiosities, writing, "To my followers I have a question, answer honestly and truthfully. If you had a parent die, and one of that parents 'supposed friends' made merchandise, coffee mugs, shirts, books, and the list goes on for 4 years of YOUR parent. Everyday her names roll's (sic) constantly off the tongue for attention. Would you be ok with it as a child of the parent that passed? And when you tell that 'supposed friend of that parent' numerous times how it makes you feel along with her other children, she says her need for attention off of your dead parent means more than your feelings."

"Would you guys be cool with it? Honestly," she asked. "You'd be cool with your parent being done the way mine is by a 'supposed friend' who says she's (sic) has more rights than her own blood... like I need to know?"


Cecily went on to say, "So l've got one thing to say and I'm going to leave the topic alone for today. If you want to grieve someone like the rest of the fans and family, then grieve like the rest of the fans and the family. That's grieving, but when you're profiting and using your grieving to gain attention: followers, books of texts, gift baskets, and a blue check mark for validation, then that's not grieving. That's not friendship, that's using someone's death for benefit not to actually grieve because you are heartbroken and missing someone."

She continued, "And by the way to tell someone's child who lost their mother to stay in their lane, when they are saying your grieving all day everyday the last 4 years, and save some space for her blood to actually grieve and not for money or followers. Then hope God handles you accordingly. Because the god I believe in that opens the gates of heaven, is also the same for that will lock your ass out. I hope when that day comes, god [sees] exactly how pure you publicize your heart to be."