Benjamin Keough Reportedly Struggled With Drugs and Alcohol Amid Rehabilitation Efforts

On Sunday, sad news was reported as the public learned Elvis Presley's grandson, Benjamin Keough, had died by suicide according to TMZ. Keough led a relatively quiet life out of the public eye, unlike many of his family members, but details about the 27-year-old are now surfacing. One of those details has to do with Keough's reported private battle with substance abuse.

According to Page Six's Tony Ortega, sources told the blogger that Keough had been struggling with drugs and alcohol and had already attempted rehabilitation from it. Another struggle the young man battled with was his family's dedication to the Church of Scientology. His mother, Lisa Marie Presley — the daughter of Elvis Presley — brought her family up in the church before having a massive falling out with its controversial leader, David Miscavige, in 2014. A friend told the Underground Bunker blogger that Keough "had been talking about how f—d up kids get in Scientology."

Keough was raised in the belief system alongside his sister, Riley Keough, by Presley and their father, Danny Keough. A different source revealed, "His [Benjamin's] entire family was shaped by Scientology, and [they're] paying the price." In regards to Presley, the source added, "Ben was her baby. More than Riley. More than the twins. This will be beyond inconceivable for her. I really worry that it might be too much for her."

Keough died at his mother's mansion in Calabasas, California, over the weekend and now neighbors are speaking out. According to the Daily Mail, one neighbor reportedly heard a woman scream "Don't do it," around 3:30 a.m. but never heard a gunshot. According to the neighbor, there was a party happening the night before — also noting they had not seen Presley at the house in weeks. Another neighbor who lives on the same street told the outlet that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Deputies were at the home around 6 a.m. and were interviewing a "distraught" woman.

"I could hear somebody speaking really loud in the backyard. I looked outside and saw what appeared to be his girlfriend outside talking to police, and she was pretty hysterical," the neighbor recalled. They added that they heard the young girl say what they thought was, "'The family's going to hate me. They're going to blame me.' I think she was feeling guilty for it happening [...] but I don't want to speculate (as to) what caused it." Keough had been reportedly dating longtime girlfriend Diana Pinto.